Everyone has the right to feel safe, and being a victim-survivor of sexual abuse and or family violence can often leave victim-survivors with painful feelings, emotions and memories. It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to feel and think. Furthermore, be rest assured that what happened to you is NOT YOUR FAULT!

Counselling provides a safe place to help you to explore and understand some of your thoughts, emotions, reactions and responses. It can also help you feel supported to find the strength and courage to feel in control of your life again!

Examples of sexual assault include: Examples of family violence include:
Rape Physical abuse
Sexual harassment Verbal abuse
Incest/Intrafamilial Sexual abuse
Unwanted touching Emotional abuse
Being forced to watch or participate in pornography Social abuse
Indecent exposure Stalking
Stalking Financial abuse
Indecent gestures Spiritual abuse
Offensive written communication (e.g., email, texting, letters, notes)
Intrusive, unwelcome, and abusive interpersonal communication
Being forced to engage in sex
Unwanted sexual jokes or comments
Sex-related insults

Impacts of sexual abuse and family violence
may include:

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