Whether you are new on the job market, a student, going through career transitions or career re-entry, I can help you take the next step to establish a successful and rewarding career. I understand what employers are looking for, and can help you stand out from the crowds and gain the edge in your applications and interviews.

With personal experience of changing careers, industries, and countries, I understand what it is like to be at a career crossroad. I also have firsthand experience with the many challenges involved in changing careers and the important need for strategic planning to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

For some students choosing a career can be an overwhelming process. It is often the first and biggest decision you are tasked with as an adult. This comes with feeling an immense amount of pressure. You may be bombarded with information about various careers which may make this process even more confusing.

Furthermore, pressure from parents and significant people in your life may make this decision even harder.

Career coaching focuses on matching you with your values, abilities, interests and personality with the world of work. Your context is also taken into consideration. I provide coaching in career reflection and goal setting, job search strategies, networking skills, resume writing techniques, addressing selection criteria and effective interview techniques.

Through us working together you will be able to decide on a career choice with confidence!

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