It doesn’t matter if you’re married, living together, single or feeling confused,  I am here to help you!

Things probably didn’t start out this way. Deep down you’ve likely always desired a fulfilling relationship with someone you can love and feel loved by in return. But despite your best intentions, you repeatedly find yourself caught in relationship dynamics that hurt, leaving you feeling frustrated and sad. 

Lots of people have an idea of what relationship counselling is and think that you only need counselling when things get really bad. But I am here whenever you need me, no matter what situation you face in your relationship. Even if your problems seem trivial, I can help. I provide a caring and supportive environment to help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationship.

Relationships do take effort, but they shouldn’t be a source of hurt, sadness, frustration or loneliness.

Relationship counselling can help you break free from this pain by:

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